Serenity MapleStory Private Server.
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Please invite your friends, family, and tell them to join! Meanwhile, enjoy your stay! More updates will be attended. Currently we have v93 Items, Chairs etc, so have fun! There are more to be added.

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 Welcome Guardians

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PostSubject: Welcome Guardians   Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:06 pm

Hello and Welcome to GuardiansStory Forum. I want to say thanks for joining the forum and supporting our server. Now, i have to lay some Forum rules down.

1. No racial remarks - Ban
2. Refrain from using foul language - Temp Ban
3. No advertising for other servers - Ban
4. Reposting is not allowed - Temp Ban
5. Not obeying a Admins/GM's request - Game Ban
6. Hacking-IP Ban Forum/Game

Please have fun and enjoy the game Wink

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Welcome Guardians
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